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 . . her values and make a life-changing decision. The plot involves three overlapping threads of Sonia's life: her real life with her boyfriend, a successful advertising salesman, and her dream life, which unfolds through a surreal narrative of a string of occasions and parties where she is dressed in drag and undergoing cosmetic surgery to become...what? "What I'm supposed to be," she says. What Sonia is actually supposed to be is one of the enigmatic main characters in the play, the future incarnation of a surreal underworld goddess. It has been compared to plays by Harold Pinter, David Hare, Thomas Bernhard, Ronald Harwood and Tennessee Williams and was staged as a one-woman show in London's West End. The play, which was a critical and popular hit, received two Olivier Awards, for Best New Comedy and Best Actress, Joan Collins. Collins won the Best Actress BAFTA for her performance. References External links "True Love", a review of Sonia at The Guardian Category:2008 plays Category:British plays Category:Comedy plays Category:Plays for one performer Category:West End plays Category:Cultural depictions of Joan CollinsQ: How to put google maps in apache tileserver? I have a complete geoserver running under ubuntu with mapproxy/mapnik, I would like to run a tileserver based on apache2 using tileserver-php with pre-generated tiles. I was able to install tileserver-php with ./configure --with-geoserver=geoserver/geoserver/htdocs/... but there is no /geoserver/htdocs. Is it possible to create a tileserver with apache tileserver-php? Thank you A: GeoServer documentation clearly states: /docroot is the default. It represents the root of your GeoServer, the folder where all its configuration files and data are. This is the main reason why the tileserver-php is very light and easy to use, because it can benefit from the highly optimized underlying tessalation infrastructure. This default location is assumed by the base class to be where the input files for the tileserver are located. So, default tileserver-php configuration points to geoserver/htdocs folder. If you want to use GeoServer in



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Heroine Hd Movie 2015 Download Utorrent Latest

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